I guess this is my first time reviewing a Palme d'Or nominated film. Of course, the first official Cannes selection to have a wide release is the one that was booed at, but what can I do? Anyway, Okja is the newest film directed by Bong Joon-ho, whose previous work includes The Host, a montser movie … Continue reading REVIEW: Okja


SHOWDOWN: Boiler Room vs. The Wolf of Wall Street

When I took Economics, we had a competition to see who could invest in stocks the best. Of course, the money wasn't real, we just used a simulation. The leaderboards showed such promising returns that I decided to invest for real. However, I didn't have enough money to invest in blue chip stocks like in … Continue reading SHOWDOWN: Boiler Room vs. The Wolf of Wall Street

REVIEW: The Circle

The End of the Tour was one of my favorite movies of 2015. Director James Ponsoldt was able to bring two equally great performances together to create an incredible character study. Now, two years later, Ponsoldt has been integrated into the Hollywood system and brought us The Circle, a film that proves that, even with Hollywood breathing down … Continue reading REVIEW: The Circle


REVIEW: The Promise

When I started this blog, I put together a list of rules to impose upon myself during the review process to keep them mostly related to my personal taste and the film's general execution. The first and most important rule was "don't let personal politics taint the review." This was put into place so I … Continue reading REVIEW: The Promise


Nine Lives: A *Insert Cat Pun Here*

Men in Black is one of my favorite big-budget comedies. It was witty, well-made, and most of all, memorable. However, director Barry Sonnenfeld decided that any future movies he made would be unmemorable and dim-witted. No exception was held to Nine Lives, a film whose production budget was more than Harvard tuition for eleven people and would … Continue reading Nine Lives: A *Insert Cat Pun Here*


It’s Such a Beautiful Day: An Animation Masterpiece

It's Such a Beautiful Day is an animated film from 2012 made up of a trilogy of animated shorts: 2006's Everything Will Be OK, 2008's I Am So Proud of You, and 2011's It's Such a Beautiful Day. All three shorts were created by Don Hertzfeldt, who is better known as the creator of the … Continue reading It’s Such a Beautiful Day: An Animation Masterpiece